In Custom Report, how to show some additional data related to filters above table


I have created a custom query report.

The filter is on Vehicle Doctype and it has some other data. I want to fetch and show the Vehicle’s data above the table only once (by expanding the area in the black rectangle I have drawn). Currently, as seen in the screenshot, the Vehicle’s data is showed in every row of the table which is not required.

How can I achieve this using report? I can convert this to custom script report.

I also want to include that data in the PDF/excel that I will be downloading.


You can create it using script report.

Yes. I know.

But which file should I update?

Can you provide me some sample code along with step-by-step instructions?

Or point to documentation page where this is given? I have tried to find this everywhere in documentation, but didn’t find anything.

Hi @hemantk,

Please check the Script Report Video in post.

Thank You!

Thank you @NCP .

I will try it and let you know if I need any further help. :pray: