In Desk/, how to create a hyperlink to portal page?

I’ve successfully created a portal page at https://localhost:8000/draft_stores (as described here: Portal Pages). Now my problem is: how to create a hyperlink to that portal page?

I checked Adding Module Icons On Desktop but it only gives information on how to created doctype menu items.

I’ve tried to create in apps/library_management/library_management/config/ :

def get_data():
    return [
        "icon": "octicon octicon-briefcase",
        "items": [
              "type": "page",
              "name": "draft_stores",
              "label": _("Calon Warung"),
              "icon": "fa fa-bar-chart",
              "onboard": 1,

I also tried "type": "link" both in and and none works.