In Garment Manufacturing - Consumption per garment Based Material Request Need to Created

All Sub Level BOM Material requirement has to be calculated based on Per Garment Consumption.


Color |Size|Qty
Black |S | 350
Black |M | 400
Black |L | 500
Total | | 1250

Raw material #1 - 1250 * 500Grams ( Per Garment Consumption) = 625Kgs
This Raw Material #1 has sub level BOM with the below Operations

Knitting → Dyeing → Special Finishing

Every Operation will have its Operation Loss.
Knitting - 1%
Dyeing - 5%
Special Finishing - 1%

Like wise many no of Raw Materials are used in the Finished Goods BOM.

Can we have a little bit more detail here?

it would be better if i share a document which explains our flow in a detailed manner.

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