In Pick list for work order cannot change warehouse

I have created a pick list for a work order where raw materials reside in multiple warehouses, system select a warehouse and do not allow me to select the right one? How I can change selected warehouse?


It is because Pick list selects Warehouse where an Item is available on FIFO (First-In-First-Out) basis,

thanks @abhijit_kumbhar it should default warehouse based on FIFO and give option to change it for any other reason, it can be damaged without warehouse keeper come to know or stolen … at that time we update warehouse and proceed.

In above case we should do a complete stock onhand correction in order to generate a pick list.

By the way, how to use stock locators in ERPNext?


May be Stock Summary report helps you.

I did not get you sorry.

I will refine my last suggestion, in pick list form, system should allow to change warehouse from where we will pick items, this field should be editable and user can change it.

now derived warehouse is not editable, this rigidity should be revised?

You can restructure your warehouse tree and have different parent warehouses with actual warehouses as children underneath.
This way you can select Parent warehouse in Pick list and it will automatically suggest warehouse from one of its children.

This is an old topic, but I totally agree we should have an option to change / edit the Picking Warehouse (even if set with a rule like FIFO / LIFO by default)

In our use case (we store wines, and they can age for a very long time), FIFO / LIFO and other settings does not mean anything, but we have many bins containing bottles… And for us it’s just convenient to select the right bin (defined as “Warehouse”) to pick from as we have to reorganize the bins to optimize the quantity and aging potential for each…

What whould be the workaround? I tried to customize the “Piçk List Item” DocType to uncheck the “readonly” property for the “Warehouse” field, but I’m getting a “You cannot unset ‘Read Only’ for field Warehouse” error

Would it be possible to have a server / client script to override this, or would it lead to the same kind of error?

Or maybe is there another option for the warehouse stock management different from FIFO / LIFO? The ideal one for us would be a kind of “Manual Management”, but after selecting the Item (item_code) seeing all available warehouse locations that contains this Item with the quantity