In Price Lists Allow the Lookup Field to be Defined

I purchase my stock from several suppliers who all have their own catalogue codes. I can enter those supplier catalogue codes into the stock item on erpnext which is great however when I go to create a Supplier Specific Price List I have to enter the stock code. It would be considerably easier if I was able to lookup up the Supplier Code instead of the item code. Of course this should not be the default, though I would allow a default to be set in the price list itself. What you would have is a dropdown box where you have Item Code and it would allow you search by item code, item name or supplier catalogue code and it could be titled Search Item By: Or even more simply leave the current search box and make it customisable as to what fields are searched so it does it will search whatever fields are defined.

I’ll create an enhancement request on github if I don’t hear from anyone to say that I’ve missed something and this is possible out of the box.

You can add manufacturer part number as a “Search Field” via Customize Form, but since supplier part is a table, i don’t think this is fixable out of the box.

Thanks @rmehta

Unfortunately Manufacturer Part Number is only useful for one Supplier, the default Supplier. All my other Suppliers then wouldn’t have searchable part numbers. Such a shame that this important little bit of information can’t really shine in the way it should.

Perhaps in the future there will be a way to get at this info from the forms.

Yeah you can add it to GitHub Issues :smile: