In production plan i want to display the base level materials also

in erpnext , if we are making a production plan based on sales order. If we click “Get items from workorder” then i have to display all the base materials for making that perticular item. In erpnext only 1st level Bom and raw materials is displaying, i want to display the raw materials in 1st level bom. Then only i can sent materials request for all in one request.

In this image FBXX120 is 1st level bom, i want to display the items inside first level bom.


Here 14 SWG GI Sheet is base item. I want that item should display in production plan.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Checking the highlighted option should do the trick:

When Include Exploded Items is checked, it will display all the sub-assemblies in exploded format. Also make sure to check Ignore Existing Ordered Quantity. This option will ignore any pending Purchase Orders/Material Requests in the system.

Thank you so much sir for your valuable time. issue solved. Thank you sir :slight_smile: