In Quality Inspection-(in-process), can this be used in Manufacturing-Operations? This means that the item needs to pass several QI's before it can go to the next operation?

Hi, Can I usej this be used in Manufacturing-Operations? This means that the item needs to pass several QI’s before it can go to the next operation?


Sorry as this feature is not available for now. As a workaround, you should maintain separate Production Order for each Workstation. When production at the specific workstation is completed, finished item at the workstation can go through quality check.

Thanks for the info Umair.

Hi Umair,

I have a similar requirement but don’t understand your workaround. How do I get ERPNExt to to spawn the Quality Inspections at the end of a Production Order?

Basically, we need to inspect sub-components after each production step. At the moment it seems that ERPNext only supports inspection for items coming from a supplier (Inspection Required before Purchase) and items that are about to be delivered (Inspection Required before Delivery).
I’ve noted that there is an “In Process” Inspection Type option when manually creating an Inspection. The problem with manually creating inspections is that when we use serials the process of creating individual entries is more time consuming than the inspection itself.


I have raised this also as one of our requirements. What I have done is I customize the Production Order Item form to add in the Quality Inspection Link such that this QI field is exposed in the item in production order. However, I could not make it to auto populate the values from the items after I select the Create New QI. I need some advise on this part… could it be customise script?

Boon Yar

we will need to create a quality warehouse between shop floor and finished goods store. However, can there be a check in the system, that unless production moves material from shop floor to quality, it can’t go to finished goods store. This is to avoid any temptation to dispatch material without quality approval.

pls help

You will have to write custom code to achieve this. If you need help, let me know.

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Yes, btw Thanks for your immediate reply :smiley:

Here is one of the ways to achieve what you need -

  1. Create a quality warehouse and set that warehouse as default warehouse for the items that need inspection.
  2. When the production order is completed, the produced item will go to this warehouse. You write a hook on completion of production order to create a quality inspection record.
  3. Write another hook to move the stock from quality warehouse to finished goods warehouse on completion of quality inspection.
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Do you have any hook or script for the same ?

I dont have the code readily written. I can get samples - it’ll take a day or two//

@kirthi okay