In the new version ERPNext have new doctype GST(India). How to remove it from my system?

I just update ERPNext system. But there have 2 new doctypes that installed automatically in my system. How to remove it because its not specify for my country.

The doctype is GST setting and GST HSN code. They are under regional module.

You can ignore them. There will be lots of doctypes you won’t need and they remain hidden.

I’m sorry @rmehta
But it just appear in the account module.
How to make it hidden?

Do I need to change in the config file?
Which is config/
Then remove the doctype and also the title?

They only come if you have created a company with country as India (or via Setup Wizard)

All my company are set to be Malaysia. There is no company is set to India. How to fix it?

Sent a pull request to delete GST related doctypes and reports if company is not from India.

Im sorry. Is that I just need to comment on github link you give to me?
I don’t know how to send pull request about the issue.
Im very beginner about github.
I try learn and read any tutorial unfortunately i can’t understand.
Can you please help me @nabinhait
Im so sorry. :frowning:

Is that I need to make new pull request and reference an issue?

Okay I think I understand what you mean with your comment. You already sent a pull request to delete the GST related doctypes and reports if company is not from India.

Is that true? :thinking::thinking::thinking::joy:

@rmehta. I already create new bench and I installed the latest ERPNext. When i set the company to be Malaysia, the GST setting and GST HSN code still there.

The changes to delete GST related stuff hasn’t been merged yet. You’ll be able to see the changes once the code is merged and you pull it / update bench.

Yes, I have sent a pull request to delete all those doctypes. This will be released within 2/3 days. And then if you run bench update, those doctypes will be deleted automatically.

Alright Thank you @nabinhait for helping me and others about this issue.
Thank you very much!

Yes i just understand about the github. And still learning about the all term that they used. But Thank you for your reply @Zlash65

Hye @nabinhait, I just fork from ERPNext repository. Currently I create my system and pull from my repository which is used develop branch. How can i update my system that pull from my repository and take from hotfix branch?

Do you know the command in terminal? or Do I need to merge develop branch with hotfix branch in my repository?

The fix has been released, please update and check.

Orite thank you @nabinhait

please solve this error…