In the Purchase Invoice DocType, the customisations does not list the VAT Details section of the form. Is this a bug?

There are several sections in the Purchase and Sales Invoices which, if hidden using the DocType form does not hide them.

The same behaviour recurs with the Purchase Invoice Item form too.

Instead of simply hiding the section, we have to hide all the columns in that section to hide it.

Is this the intended behaviour?

Can you say the Field numbers in the form(s) that you wish to hide? It might also be useful to describe from who you want to hide them and why, as there may be a permissions settings that could be applied.


Hide these:

  1. Purchase Invoice > VAT Details
  2. Purchase Invoice > Items > Received Qty, Rejected Qty
  3. Purchase Invoice Item > Section for Warehouse

We do not use these fields as of right now. These are just a few, there are more.

We’d like to hide them from the end-users, as they aren’t savvy with the system for the time being. Once, they are used to the flow, we plan to implement additional workflows as necessities demand.

Have you looked at Role Permissions Manager?