In Transit Inventory

Hi everybody

I need to use in-transit inventory to transfer items from one location to another. What I found is that we can create an in-transit inventory and use “send to warehouse” and “receive from warehouse” but unfortunately these stock entry types does not even exist in my application. Does anybody know what the reason is? And if this functionality is available at all?


It is still available. Which version you are using?


Version 13

What the problem could be? Why I cannot see this stock entry type?

I don’t use stock management much, but I believe that “Send to warehouse” and “Receive from warehouse” were combined in v13 under “Material Transfer”.

To streamline the transit process a bit, you can use the “Add To Transit” checkbox. This will filter the target to transit warehouses only, and it will create a button that automates the stock entry creation on the receiving end.


Thank you so much for the clarification