Inability to deploy custom-app on erpnext running on digitalocean kubernetes Cluster

@revant_one I have deployed erpnext on my cluster and created a site which is up and running, however, I have not been able to successfully install custom application the new way as instructed here v6.0.0 chart ignores image names · Issue #151 · frappe/helm · GitHub, after following the steps, my build currently failing with

Error: Error: The process ‘/usr/bin/docker’ failed with exit code 1,

my apps.json is:

“url”: “GitHub - frappe/payments: A payments app for frappe”,
“branch”: “develop”
“url”: “GitHub - frappe/health: Open Source Health Information System”,
“branch”: “develop”
“url”: “GitHub - frappe/chat: Modern Chat App for Frappe”,
“branch”: “develop”
“url”: “GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)”,
“branch”: “v14.14.0”
“url”: “”,
“branch”: “dev”

Which dockerfile am I suppose to use?

and also, do I need to edit the build.yaml?

this location either is private or doesn’t exist.
in case of private repo use access token in url

@revant_one, I am currently stucked at the point of cloning my custom application error as seen in screenshot below, any advise on how to handle Personal Access Token secret?

can you access search?

my search string

first link git - Clone A Private Repository (Github) - Stack Overflow

this is a manual version of let me Google it for you

.git directories for all apps are removed from the image.

mentioned here: frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

as long as you keep the secrets safe during builds the secrets won’t be available in image.

the builder layer of image is dropped from final layer so you can’t get the base64 variable.

as we are using interpreted languages python and js, app source can be copied from final image.