Inactive Workflow continues to persist. Cache?

I was experimenting with setting up a Workflow related to Quotations - and it worked great! However, I decided not to use it so I unchecked “Is Active” on the work flow.

Now when I go to create a new Quotation… (with the quotation workflow disabled), I get the following error message and the status is DRAFT, and there is no button to SUBMIT.

Is this a caching issue? My next step is to delete the Quotation work flow all together… but wanted to get you opinions.

ERPNext: v13.17.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.17.1 (version-13)

Ok, even after DELETING the Quotation Workflow from the system… upon creating a new Quotation it still gave me the “Workflow not found” error.

Seems like a caching issue. Any ideas??

@rich I you are suspecting a cache issue , clear it .

I was thinking it was some sort of Server side caching issue… or perhaps a background job that needed to run in order for the change to take place.

For that reason, I didn’t clear my Browser Cache… but instead let the browser sit over night.

So, this morning I created a new Quotation and I did not get the error message saying that the Workflow was not found.

The next time this happens… I will go ahead and clear the browser cache, to see if it immediately clears the issue.


Hi. It is a server side cache. The next time this happens, just go to the terminal and run “bench --site {your site name} clear-cache” then run “bench restart” and the problem will be resolved!