Include item in manufacturing - used but not consumed!


we are in the business of PCB assembly and we have stencils which are used in PCB assembly. We have added stencils as an item to ERPnext. The stencil must be an item with “Maintain Stock” as it is ordered or made in house and has to be receipted into the warehouse so the operator knows where it is located.

We want to add a stencil to BOM as an item as every BOM uses exact stencil made for that BOM. One stencil is used for any number of same items assembled. For example for 120 of the same PCBs only one stencil is used.

Now comes the problem. When we make work order for item with BOM and we set the quantity to let say 3pcs it shows that the required quantity is 3 stencils which is obviously wrong. Also stencil is not consumed during the manufacturing.

We tried with unticking “Include item in Manufacturing” however during the stock entry “Manufacture” it still wants to consume item stencil. Is that bug or is there another option for a problem like this?

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Anybody? I hoped that we are not the only one that has this problem.