Include on sales invoice items from purchase invoice


I hope you are all very well.

I had studied this a few months ago, and I think to remember that I had arrived to some class of conclusion, but I have been very busy and stressed with other things and I am totally blank now.

I have been creating some Purchase Receipts from all the things we have been buying to finish the jobs we have been doing, and now I wanted to invoice all these things. In many cases we don’t have the final invoice yet, as it arrived after 1 month or so.

On each line of the purchase receipt, I have included the project and cost center of that particular item (for example we go to the chandley and we buy at the same time 40 screws for one work, a paint tin for another, etc…).

Now that I want to make a sales invoice including these items, I am stuck as how I could include “automatically” all the items assigned to certain job/cost center on the invoice!? Is this possible?

Is this a correct approach? Is it possible to do this, or I would have to include manually again on each invoice the items that I have already introduced on the purchase invoice once?

Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,