Incoming email account not correct GMAIL

I’m trying to create a new user to prove my new app so the thing is I can’t then it displays this message “Incoming email account not correct” at the moment when I’m filling the form to achieve this task.
could somebody help me to accomplish this task?
some link that explain me clearly to create a new user through the admin account please will be useful.

Did you configure SMTP correctly? And which SMTP you are using?

If verify if Email Account is configured correctly. Check if you are able to save Email Account successfully with the details provided.

Hi @munim,

Please see this screenshot. But showing Incoming email account not correct

I am also facing the same issue

Please do not post the same issue on multiple threads @Azam_Imtiaz - that duplicates and wastes everyones efforts to respond and help - do take time to search for answers - most times the answer can be found if you would make the effort to search…

Incoming email account not correct ERROR GMAIL - #5 by Azam_Imtiaz