Incoming Email Account not correct V12 New installation

Hi there,
install V12 with easy install script.
after successfully installation, add the new domain in the email setting.
it comes out the error: Incoming Email Account not correct
i have ping and telnet the email server, it all good.
i don’t know how to resolve this problem.

any one can help me ?

Well, that’s odd, can you check if adding manually another domain e-mail(eg google) resolves the issue?
PS: SS with devtools console errors would be nice.

i add gmail domain. and it works. really odd.
but when i add email account. it shows error: invalid outgoing server or port

U have some screenshots with error in dev mode → console on browser?
I had this issue once and it was related to ports. Check if you have ports forwarded (8080 and 22)
Also you need to be able to access your terminal remotely with ssh (kitty preffered).
Let me know how it goes.

@arthurke Please update the thread.

@ene_sorin thank you for follow up . it is gmail authentication problem. i change the setting.
then it works now. thank you very much

What is the correct configuration?

@ene_sorin pls we need to know the setting you changed that enabled you to solve this problem.I have the problem and have enabled less secure in google account and the problem persists.
Thanks for your prompt response

Hi @Fred1 , sorry for late reply. The changes are related to port configuration and correct account such as enesorin instead of or vice versa. Play with the settings and check developer tools errors.

Thanks for your gesture. I later sorted it out. My vps provider blocked port 587.They opened it and the problem was solved

I am having the same problem with new v12 installation on self-hosted server. There are several services on the same server, will all of them I was able to configure email without any issues, except Erpnext, which constantly is giving “Incoming email account not correct” when trying to configure email domain.
I guess the code that is doing domain test is in apps/frappe/frappe/email/doctype/email_domain/ and the code looks a bit strange.
The code is trying to establish connection to email server, however, it does not supply any user name and password for this. Some low security servers might be responding to such request, however, most of the email servers would refuse such a connection, and test will fail.
It is not obvious why such a domain test is done at all. Usually the test would involve sending test email from the email server to make sure that one can access email server. So, there should be possibility to enter user name and password.
It looks like this feature is designed to prevent users to configure own email server, and without email, any erp system is useless.