Incoming Email appending to Communication is visible to only Sys Admins

I implemented the email module, and I wanted to configure it such that any email that initiates a workflow of us, such as a Purchase Invoice is fetched and visible as a Notification.

Then, someone would grab it and categorize it as, say, Purchase Invoice.

My problem is that communications are only visible to the Sysadmin and others only see those if they created them.

I tried the DocType Issue, but I cannot link an issue to a Purchase Invoice.

Is there a trick to it? Can I create a system where an incoming mail creates an Item that is visible to a user with the permission, and be re mapped to be handled as an Invoice? That way, one would not switch back and forth email and ERPNext during his/her workflow.

May I bump this?

Please try to append ToDo, with custom Link field in Invoice / Order documents?