Incoming email setup

heyy guys, i did not getting any emails from gmail but if i run following command on ipython shell then incoming working fine
commands are:
cint(frappe.db.get_value(‘Support Email Settings’, None, ‘sync_support_mails’))

from import get_support_mails


but i want emails using scheduler events plz help??

You may not have worker processes setup correctly.

thnks for answer but how i can setup worker processes???

Actully i am beginner for erpnext and i am using 4.9.3 version of erpnext and 4.5.2 version of frappe framework so plz tell me how to setup worker processes??

plz give me a solution???

help me??

@himanshu.agrawal9549 share details about how you setup your system.

Also please don’t keep adding posts every hour or will have to ban you.

okk!! i am definatlly sure that settings for incoming mails are correct. but here i check that my “daily” scheduler event is working fine but not “all” scheduler event not working.
and thank you for replying.

check tabScheduler Log

i checked tabScheduler and i found some entries like error: all event receive.get messages

Great, now fix them :smile:

how can i fix them?? delete all the rows from table??