Incoming Email Syncing

I am facing below issues with Incoming Email Syncing:

  • Say if I have 30 new emails in my Google Mail Box everyday, ERPNext syncs around 26-27 mails and misses 3-4 mails to sync in ERPNext Inbox (Communications). I have checked settings like Attachment, size, etc but it is not helping. Say I received 30 simple emails with no attachment, in general it doesn’t sync all (100%) new emails.

  • I have 3 email account (inbox) configured in my ERPNext say & and a sender/customer sends email to all the three Email IDs in To/CC combination then in every case the email is getting associated with only one ‘Email Account’ in reference section and randomly. Hence only one user is able to see/view the email. Ideally it should download 3 emails in communication as the mail is received in all 3 google inbox.

  • I have around 1200 mails in my google inbox but ERPNext Inbox has in total sync/downloaded only around 350 emails, it is not downloading all of them even when I have configured download all at both places (ERPNext & Gmail) and tried with both IMAP & POP

Please help with your experience. Thanks.


Can anyone help me on this?

@peterg @clarkej can you help with it? @kennethsequeira

@Andrew_McLeod @max_morais_dmm @umair @Julian_Robbins Can you guys help? @JayRam

I have same email syncing issues too. 2 emails (or Users) have stopped syncing after July 1, 2021. Any help can be appreciated.