Incoming Email.. Where is the body in communications?

Hello all
I am new to erpnext and I am trying to setup incoming and outgoing email. I got the emails to show up under the communications tab, but only the subject are showing… How to I get the body of the message. Also is there a way to get an email to automatically create a CRM Item?



Please open Communication and check Message field.

In the Email Account, you can also select transactions like Lead and Opportunity to which new email will be appended to. If new email is received, then Lead/Opportunity will be auto-created, and main email will be appended to that Lead/Opportunity.

Thanks for a fast reply. This is the video I watch to set things up initially. I could not see the append field until this morning, I guess I had to save and get back in so that solves part 2 of my questions. Now for part one, I don’t see the message field. Here is a screen shot of what I see.

I still cannot see the message body in the communication list. Is there something I am missing?

It sounds like something is definitely wrong. How did you install via the script of the VM ? Perhaps you are missing a library somewhere. Otherwise check the logs on the FS and in the app

I installed via script. I can see all the emails in the communication list but none of them have a body. I will check out the logs to see