Incoming support emails - inline images not showing + pop/gmail bug

I’ve installed ERPNext and testing it.
(BTW: The quick-install script does not work on Debian 7 or 8. only on Ubuntu)

I’ve set up the support email transforming incoming emails to support tickets.

Came across 2 bugs:

  1. The inline images don’t show up in the issue’s email thread.
    There is an empty rectangle with “inline image 1” text on it.
    The image is listed at the bottom as attachment and i can download it in the browser … but i expect the image to be inline - embedded in the email.

  2. when I reply to a support email from the issue page, it will eventually create a new ticket.
    I believe this is because I use gmail and my reply ends up getting into the Inbox as a thread. Then Erpnext checks the Inbox and finds a “new” email and for whatever reason it decides to open a new issue ticket thread
    (the original issue thread shows the reply too)

This is on our list, we will fix it soon!

We don’t see this with our gmail. Do you have a redirect setup?

I don’t have a redirect on the gmail account.

This may be related to how I set up the incoming email account rules.

Can a single inbox receive both sales and support emails and be pulled in by Erpnext and linked to the appropriate DocType ? this wasn’t stated in documentation or anywhere else i found on google.

If it is possible, then maybe I configured the email accounts the wrong way - (i tried giving both rules the same pop/smtp parameters and then i tried to remove the parameters from one… both cases didn’t result in what i expected)

Otherwise do I have to set up separate 2 gmail accounts one for sales and one for support ?

Yes you will need to create separate ones.

so i set up 2 incoming accounts on gmail. one for support (DocType issue) one for sales (DocType opportunity)

But I want all outbound emails to go through our designated outgoing amazon mail server (not google).
I disabled outgoing option on both support and sales
I added an account with only ougoing enabled
– when saving the outgoing email account settings, the page gets stuck indefinitely (grayed out, with “Saving” written in the middle)

Seems like your server is not responding. Check your Amazon firewalls.


  1. Inline image issue fixed!
  2. We use Mandrill - pretty good service so far.

I figured out that 465/SSL combination is not an option for outgoing emails but 587/TLS worked ok!!

that amazing that you fixed the inline image issue so quickly ! :smile:
how do I update my files to the latest release ?

cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench ; bench update --upgrade

but i still see the inline images not embedded in issues and opportunities

@testing_erpnext will work for new mails.