Incomplete mapping in Cash Flow report

Dear Team,
Much work has been done and kudos.
I just discovered that not all elements that constitute a standard cashflow report is linked to cashflow report in erpnext .Examples are:
1.Fixed Asset disposal.The gain or loss is not adjusted in the cash flow.
2.If company income tax is paid.The amount paid is not adjusted in the cash flow.
3.No Adjustment for deferred tax
4.For investing activities only net change in fixed assets is accommodated.Other items like Investment purchase and disposal are not linked.
5.For financing activities,only change in equity is allowed,other financing options are not linked.
6.Cash activities relating to the following account groups in the chart of accounts does reflect in the cashflow: Loan and Advances (assets),Security and Deposit,Tax Assets,Investmnet,Duties and Taxes,Loan (Liability)
Kindly please link the necessary field in the cashflow report.
Or if there is anyone who knows how this can be done from the client side,kindly show.

Hello Fred,

Cash register report is due for an update. Please create Github Issue for your suggestions, so that we can consider it in the next phase.

@umair I have raised the issue.Thanks for your immediate response and follow up

@umair Currently in ERPNEXT i discovered that the Net Change in Cash is a balancing figure regardless of what the actual change in the cash from the previous period to the current period is.As we want to update cashflow statement ,we should please ensure that the Net Change in Cash is based on Actual change in cash and cash equivalent and not just a balancing figure.


As requested earlier, please create Github Issue for your feature suggestion. That will help us collaborate with other community members in getting this enhancement done.

@umair the issue is raised

@umair Any progress.This report is very fundamental to account.Please let give priority.It is like having the balance sheet to be reporting wrongly.


Can you share Github Issue link here?

To get it developed on the priority, you can also signup with one of our Service Provider and have the fix contributed in ERPNext. Given the open source nature of product, we will be glad to see contribution coming from you to make product better.

@umair Thanks for your prompt response.
H ere is the link. Incomplete Mapping in Cashflow · Issue #8109 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
We sincerely appreciate the good work done by the team and we know there is constraint to meet every body need.
But just that the 3 main financial reports (balance sheet,profit or loss and cashflow) in any ERP should be reliable and accurate .

@umair Dear Umair ,Any breakthrough on this issue?

@umair @tundebabzy @revant_one This is critical to account module.3 major financial statements we have are Bal Sheet,Profit or loss Account and Cashflow statement.The cashflow statement in ERPNext is a MESS.It is NEVER correct.This might not make ERPNext a bride to Accountants if they discover that cashflow statement in the app is a mess.Please let this be fixed.


Please open an issue for this on github so that we don’t lose track of it

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@tundebabzy Incomplete Mapping in Cashflow · Issue #8109 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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In response to this request Incomplete Mapping in Cashflow · Issue #8109 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub -

A big late followup shout out thank you @tundebabzy for Cash Flow Mapping and Cash Flow Mapper.

Check out this PR with screenshot examples for Operating, Investing and Financing Activities here Cutomisable Cash Flow Reports by tundebabzy · Pull Request #12969 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Thanks for the features and shoutout!

I am having some trouble getting it to work. Using v11.1.31, mappers and mappings not working correctly.
I would be willing to pitch some time these days in getting this to work properly.

Hi @Tropicalrambler. What trouble exactly? The feature hasn’t really been used from what I see so there might be lots of bugs. Do let me know your challenges so I can chip in. I could do with the assistance to get it right

@tundebabzy, thanks for your reply! We spent some time exploring the code too and would love to work alongside with you to help make the Cash Flow mapper work properly!

I have some ideas. I will send you my contact info, so we can work on this and then post results of our work for all to benefit!

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Hi @Tropicalrambler and @tundebabzy,
Any update on this thing?
It seems that the mapper and mapping are still not working properly.

It was a very nice feature!

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Were you guys able to fix them?