Incomplete web-form submission

In web form, there is option:

Allow incomplete forms: Allow saving if mandatory fields are not filled.

My testing on V13 and V14 suggests that it is not working. I force users to fill all mandatory fields.

Am I missing something?

Allow Incomplete Forms : For very long forms, you can allow the user to save without throwing validation for mandatory. The user will still see the fields as manadatory

This is a feature that is given by the team frappe but I am not able to understand the last line that if the user will be able to see the mandatory fields then is it compulsory to fill that also or can skip it…

It means that the user can skip it. No validations will be run on the webform and partial data entry will be allowed.

Thanks for your reply sir,
Talking about using webform in workflow let suppose I filled a leave application and send it to the HOD of department for approval then also the partial data will be entertained by the from.
One more question as I mentioned about using webform in the workflow for the leave approval from HOD, In this I want the HOD could see my name or the name of the person who filled the form on a separate field on the webform itself like the field " reason for the leave " but that username must not be filled though be auto fetched. I tried the jinja temple {{frappe.session.user}} this gave me advantage to show the ADMINISTRATOR when I filled the from but on submission the form reached to the HOD there is no field showing ADMINISTRATOR.
Any suggestion from your side sir…

But it is not so, and that was the reason to start this thread.

I think it is a bug.

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