Incorrect compilation of Work Order for Multi Level BOM Manufacturing

Good day

I wish to draw your attention to something that does not seem right to me.

I have a multi level BOM manufacturing situation. I hope my screen shot are sufficient to explain the situation

Below is a diagram of the product composition

Here is the BOM for the “Leg Module”

Here is the BOM for the “Product”

And below are 2 screenshot showing the work order that was created to produce “1” product.

You can see that the Items are indeed multiplied by 4 ( since there a 4 modules ) but the operation is not indicated as 4 but as 1 operation. This is also clear in the cost figures.
The total operation costs only reflects 1 x Leg module and 1 x product operation.

So when the Job Cards are generated , I am expecting either a job card for 4 modules or 4 job cards each for 1 module. I tried manipulating this by specifying the module separately in the product BOM instead of “module x 4”

The stock however is managed correctly.

Is this indeed incorrect or have I configured it incorrectly?

Many thanks