Incorrect domain name in email

When a user signup on my erp website the password confirmation link in the email starts as ""
But this link is incorrect due to port number, how can I disable this port number? the correct link should be “
please help

Removing the webserver port from the site configuration worked

Hi @Khadija

Can you please help me? How can I remove port 8000 from URL ?

From webserver port from the site configuration

Hi, you will get file name from ERPNEXT folder/sites/common_site_config.json

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Thanks @Suresh_Thakor !!!

I found it.


I got an Internal Server Error after doing this.

are you confirm that you have removed coma ", " behind last line of socketio_port ?

is it production or development instance ?

check server port in the location of etc >> nginx >> config.d >> your config file

below command override your nginx and supervisorctl config
run bench setup production --user

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Done Done.

I removed the last “}” ( bracket ) That’s why it is giving error !! :sweat_smile:

It is in production. We have deployed on Bitnami Stack.