Incorrect fields in Payment Entry

  1. In Payment Entry, Account head is marked as Received Amount. Kindly correct it as Paid Amount

  2. Amount in the fields, Paid Amount & Received Amount should be equal. We can keep either of the field to avoid confusion.


You are making confusion here, because you aren’t taking attention for the currency coversion rate.

If you multiple USD 50,000.00 x 70.00 = 3,500,00.00 what’s really perfect.
If you want the received amount be 3,445,000.00 like the paid amound, you should use as exchange rate 68.9 because USD 50,000.00 x 68.9 is equal to 3,445,000.00.

But if you have done the transaction with the exchange rate of 70.0 you should configure the gain and loss in the exchange as same way documented here