Incorrect filtering on Stock Entry List

Good day all

I noticed this on V13.39.1
Updated to V13.42.5 (latest)

and I still notice it.

I have a purchase order that is a subcontractor manufacture

[ I have a screenshot here but I am limited to one screenshot]

When I open the related purchase order, though, it lists 12 stock entries in the link area
instead of 1

It appears to be a problem with the filtering in the link area, but when I go to my Stock-Entry
list and set up the filter to show only stock entries that is related to PUR-ORD-2022-00011,
then it lists all the stock entries.

[ I have another screenshot here to supply more detail but I am only limited to one screenshot ]

It seems to be a bug. Am I missing something? Is there a work-around to this?