Incorrect Google Calendar Syncing

I connected my Google Calendar with the erpnext account.
Case 1: On the sync calendar, events are getting synced from google calendar to the erpnext account. But the start date and end date are not correct.

Case 2: Event created in erpnext, on sync, created in google calendar as well.
But, if I sync the calendar again from the google calendar list, the events are modified and their start date and end dates are changed to random.

Kindly help me out with this.

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looks like my problem… Google Calendar sync

Yes exactly.

Solution, anyone?

The same issue over here. On the first sync the data is correct, but after a few minutes the hours start shifting in Google Calendar. The event in ERPnext stays origial. Hours shift randomly and it appears that events also shift to later days.

This appears to be a normal behavior for Google Calendar reminder and not for an event according to this thread:

I saw that it was ‘Administrator’ that was ‘updating’ the event regularly. So the change is initiated by Google and not by ERPnext.

When using the Google Calendar sync only as a push and having the Pull option un-checked the events won’t move anymore. But than you break te more than usable easy option to move your event by drag and drop from the Google calendar interface.

So the issue is actually in how ERPnext is sending the event to Google as a reminder and not as an event.

I am to new to this to tackle that for now but maybe somebody can point out where to look.