Incorrect Menu Links to Reports

How can I correct the links in my app module? When I add reports to the module menu, those report links are incorrect.

For example:

The module menu link goes to this page: /desk#Report/undefined/Document%20Browser

While the correct report link is actually: /desk#query-report/Document%20Browser

When I click on the module menu link, there is a page error that says “Sorry! You are not permitted to view this page.”


This is most likely the same type of problem that was fixed in this post from 3 years ago:

I found the solution in case anyone else encounters this problem. Add:

"is_query_report": True

to the config/ file.

Full example:

		"label": _("SOME SWEET HEADING"),
		"items": [
				"type": "report",
				"name": "REPORT NAME",
				"doctype": "doctype name",  
				"is_query_report": True