Incorrect payment terms amount


I have found the following problem with ERPNext.

I have a quotation whose total amount is CLP 4,205,460‬. That amount is devided in 12 monthly payments.

By using a simple mathematical operation, it results CLP ‭350,455‬ per month. However, when creating a payment terms, I can only input a percent. In this case is 8.33333333%. Since system only use 2 decimal numbers, the resulting monthly payment is CLP 350,440.98, which is wrong.

First, CLP currency does not have decimals (I have defined currency format with no decimals). Second, since percent is limited to 2 decimal places. the result is incorrect.

As an attempt, I tried to modify the payment amount to the correct monthly payment but system did not allow that.

Is there a workaround to this problem? if there is no solution (I have reported the decimal problem before but no solution at the moment) I think you should allow entering the amount manually.


To include here pointers to threads and github issues you know of that relate to this would help thanks!