Incorrect rounding

Good afternoon, in a client’s erp rounding is giving an incorrect value, I wanted to know the best way to solve the problem.
Thank you.

Is this currency rounding expecting say $ down versus up?

Whatever details you have please share - perhaps this is a customization issue?

I have a dispute related to the value of the tax withheld in the invoice of
services, the expected result is that I can “edit” the value of such tax
when the result calculated by the system is different from the calculation
of the invoice, the example is the note Fiscal (draft) nº 7396 Prominer
Projetos. The withholding amount of COFINS in the invoice is $16.86 and in
the system $16.87; I just need to edit the correct amount so as not to
interfere with the tax collection and net amount payable to the supplier

So you want to control whether rounding is up or down?

you can disable rounding from Global Defaults.

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