Incorrect sales analytics report

While running the customer group wise report in sale analytics, I noticed that the sum of individual customer sub group is not equal to the total sales under the parent group.

In order to test how the difference occurred, I tried running the customer wise report by picking the customer group column to it.

I noticed that for some customers few transactions are recorded under the appropriate customer group and few other transactions for the same customer are captured under a different customer group which is the default parent group “All Customer Group”. The same was noticed from the sales register reports as well.

How can one customer have multiple customer group? How can we rely on the sales analytics report in such a case? Do we have to add the figures manually all the time to check if the totals are correct?

Bump. I have same issue. Sales Analytics Report for “All Customer Groups” totals all invoices but the child groups do not all add up. Same for Territory. Big problem. Insurance auditor was not excited to see this anomaly.