Incoterms and discounts


have few questions for you guys:

  • is there a way to use the incoterms (fca, DDU etc…) and payment terms(30 days net etc.)?
    -is it possible to have multiple discounts? for example here in Finland is pretty common to have a small percent discount if the payment arrives within the 30 days net…

looking forward :smile:

Incoterms can be copied to Terms and Conditions, and you can create as many as you want.
The same for various discount: set up a template for within30days_payment, and define the terms

OK, it s a good idea, for the incoterms I could add a service item named freight for the shipping costs.

but about the discounts: if I get the payment within the 30 days… How then I see it in the accounting if it is not seen by the system? can I close the sales order if I receive a smaller amount of money compared to the total?