Increase list price percentage

Hi, I’m trying to do something relatively simple, increase a price list by a percentage.

I’m not realizing how to do it, and I don’t find anything real related in the forum.

Don’t know if there is something I’m missing, or I must do it somehow with the Data Import tool updating the prices.

Thank you!

Have a look at pricing rule


Hi @JoEz, thanks for the response.

Pricing rules are to increase a price but do not keep the new supplier’s price.

I’ve been looking at all the possible options, and I just have to think that I have to overwrite the prices with the import tool.

I am simply trying to increase prices by a massive percentage and keep it saved.

What you mean by that?

The price of the product is reflected only when you make a trade (invoice, quote, etc.) but there is no increase saved in the product.

That’s why the price rule is used for promotions, another type of upgrade.

Any suggestions? Otherwise I will do it by data import tool
Thank you for responding!

Hi! Any idea if the best way to upgrade the item price is a Data Import Tool? For example, increase the whole list by 15%.


@federico_calvo I ran into the need to set a margin based on supplier’s price. Price Rule takes care of that part.

Did you manage to solve your issue?

How about we propose and develop the following:

There should be a tool to “massive update” by a percentage, all prices in a list.
Perhaps even develop further such tool, so that it applies % increase/decrease to prices in an entire price list, and then also allows tags as differentiating items to apply a specific percentage to item prices in a list with those tags.
The tag functionality could be two options: From Base or From General % Change requested.
From Base: a child table in the tool where user selects a tag for item prices, and then a % change from actual price is applied.
From General % Change: Where the main % change is applied to all items in the list, and an additional % is applied after that for listed tagged items.

The change could also be “scheduled” in advance, with a datetime field up to milliseconds, for precision, so that you can pre-program your price changes.

What do you say we open a GitHub issue and develop it?

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I love your enthusiasm Alain. But why do you think price change is such a frequent phenomenon to require additional tool or custome development.

Why can’t a spreadsheet formula and the data import tool make it work?

I love spreadsheets, they are very effective in many ways, and certainly a data import tool is great.

I personally foresee ERPNext providing a one-stop shop for the users, where one additional feature is the ability to change prices with one click, and not with several clicks.

If not, I can always create a customization and place it open source with the same license as ERPNext for those interested in it. If any users find it good enough for the core, then let it merge. If not, then, well let it NOT merge.

The only problem with so much enthusiasm is the lack of resources and time to develop all, but soon I’ll have a good team of devs alongside to make these proposals much faster to be put to the test of the users. :grinning:

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Wish you great luck, health and positive enthusiasm to keep contributing


Hello, I have resolved the issue by making a custom app (my customer needed the feature asap so I weren’t able to go in the proposal, pull request cycle in order to contribute it).

I made a DocType to which you can add prices lists and a percentage to update (both positive and negative)

I attach a picture with English translations, you can tell me if this is useful to your need.

I agree with you in open a GitHub issue and develop the feature (with yours and community suggestions). Is it a debt for me to contribute back.

No hay pena Federico, en español está bien la próxima!:muscle:t2: :+1:t2: Gracias!

Se ve buenisimo tu DocType, sencillo, sin ruidos!

Cuando estés listo dime si tienes un repositorio de esto en GitHub y así lo podemos continuar desarrollando. (Dependiendo de la licencia)


I’ve uploaded the code to Github.
As you can see, the doctypes and code are in Spanish, so one improvement to do is change the code variables, functions and DocTypes to English.

You can use this app or we can open a Github issue to see if there is interest to integrate this feature to the core.

I suppose you speak Spanish too, but I think is better write in English so all members of the community can understand though my English is not soo good.

Yes, I’ll translate the variables to english. One thing I am doing is adding bilingual comments to my software.

Once i’m done with major programming, I add:

for JS:

// es-GT: Comentario en español
// en-US: Comment in english.

for Python:

# es-GT: Comentario en español
# en-US: Comment in english

A bit tedious, but clear for those who do not speak spanish.

Thanks for sharing your repo, I’ll fork. modify and then send a PR.

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Is this your version of the price increase by percentage app?

I have a need to do this very thing on an old v10 system and this might be the tool for the job. Just wanted to know if this is a complete working app?