Increase price in Subscription

Hi, I’m not figuring out how to increase a subscription pricing.

If I update in the price list the product containing the subscription invoice, it ignores it, and repeats the price always from the original invoice (the first invoice from which the recurrence was generated).

Am I understanding the process well or do I have to re-subscribe each time the price increases?

Thanks for advance.

I think you have to hook-in the method that creates subscription invoice

Hi @federico_calvo,

It is one of the current limitations of the subscription functionality and we have faced the same problem as you.

In v11 you will have two option:

  1. I have added a button “update auto repeat” (new name of the current subscription document) in every sales and purchase document. It will allow you to change the price list in an auto generated sales invoice and mark this new document as a reference for all subsequent transactions.
    Unfortunately if your sales invoice is automatically submitted, this method won’t work. In this case you should better use the second option.

  2. There will be fully new feature called “Subscription” that will allow you to create subscriptions and plans (like payment processors like Stripe do for example) and will create your sales invoice based on these plans. Thus you can update your plan and the next invoice will have the updated parameters.
    Unfortunately the first version of this feature, which is way more business oriented than the current one, is only proposing to put a fixed price for each plan.
    I have made a proposal to select a price list (needed to integrate Stripe subscriptions) instead and the PR is under review at the moment:

I hope it will be accepted and merged for the release of v11, it would be a great feature for ERPNext. :wink:

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Thank you so much @chdecultot!!

Excellent PR by the way.

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