[India Compliance] Cannot Submit Sales Invoice Due to E-Invoice Status

After migrating to the the latest v14 of ERPNext with India Compliance module installed, we are getting this error while trying to save Sales Invoice. Can someone point me the right direction to resolve this?

E-Invoice Status cannot be "Not Applicable". It should be one of "", "Pending", "Generated", "Cancelled", "Failed"

Hello @Azhar_Umar,

There seems to be an issue with your installation because the custom field ‘e-Invoice Status’ is not updated with the correct options.

You could try running bench migrate.

I have already done bench migrate couple of times. Is there something I can manually do?

Is the site self-hosted or on frappe cloud?
Also, can you provide app versions?

Let me try bench update. It is self-hosted

frappe: 14.60.0
payments: 0.0.1
erpnext: 14.54.2
wiki: 2.0.0
india_compliance: version-14
zarnik: 0.0.1

Zarnik is a custom app used for all internal customizations. Probably that one is interfering. Coz all custom fields were synced to this.

Please let me know if there is any workaround. Meanwhile I’ll try bench update.

@Lakshit_Jain Is this the field? Is there something I can do here?

Exported customizations in your app may cause existing custom fields to be undone when migrating.

To fix this, you need to remove exported customizations for India Compliance app fields and run custom field creation again. You can use the terminal command for re-creating custom fields “bench execute india_compliance.gst_india.setup.create_custom_fields”.

As a quick fix, you can add the mentioned options to the e-invoice status field (Pending, Generated, AutoRetry, Cancelled, Manually Cancelled, Failed, Not Applicable). However, if there are customizations present, this fix will be reverted during migration.

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I added Not Applicable as an option.