India Compliance error: No such file or directory: ./assets/india_compliance/js/setup_wizard.js

I’m trying to create docker image that has custom-applications with base-image frappe/erpnext:v14.24.2

FROM frappe/erpnext:v14.24.2

WORKDIR /home/frappe/frappe-bench

RUN bench get-app --branch version-14 hrms

RUN bench get-app --branch version-14 payments

RUN bench get-app --branch version-14

The image is built successfully but when i use this image in frappe/erpnext-6.0.35 helm chart to deploy erpnext and create new site and install all the applications in it, everything works fine and all apps are installed successfully as well but upon opening the application, I get following error:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno2] No such file or directory: ./assets/india_compliance/js/setup_wizard.js

Now if I don’t include india_compliance in the initial installation and only install erpnext in site, complete the setup and then install india_compliance the error goes away and everything works fine. I believe india_compliance messes with the setup_wizard of erpnext ?