India Compliance - GST Eway for stock location transfer

Is it possible to generate Eway for stock location transfer?

Yes, you can generate an e-Waybill from a delivery note.

But delivery note is for delivery against Sales Order right? In this I am doing a Stock Entry to transfer items from One Ware house to another warehouse. Have to generate EWay Bill for inventory location transfer.

You can apply a similar concept for Stock Transfer (using delivery note) where GSTIN is the same.

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What if i wish to make E-Way bill for different branches with Same GSTIN ?
I mean i need to make e-way bill for the goods which i transfer from Stores to finished goods (From different location).

And for Subcontracting process we are going to transfer goods from our warehouse (Company warehouse) to supplier warehouse. At the time in stock entry material transfer type only used. how to create e way bill for this case ?