Indicators not working as expected in list view

Hi there,

I can’t understand what’s wrong in color indicators for lists! I’ve added meeting_list.js file with code:

frappe.listview_settings['Meeting'] = {
	add_fields: ["status"],
	get_indicator: function (doc) {
		return [__(doc.status), {
			"Planned": "blue",
			"Invitation Sent": "orange",
			"In Progress": "red",
			"Completed": "green",
			"Cancelled": "darkgrey",
		}[doc.status], "status,=," + doc.status];

Actually it’s working quite well for meeting page view:

While in the meeting list, the color is always dark gray:

working on frappe 7.1.0-beta

What i’m doing wrong?

Thx in advance

Difficult to say. The same function is called for both document and list


i’ve also disabled In List View from Status and the column disappeared from list even if i’ve add_fields: ["status"], seems like, in some way, the page list is not getting the frappe.listview_settings function correctly.

I have the same problem here after the update last thursday, some indicators stopped working completely, and some other are ignoring the color set.

My workflow status in Projects:

@rmehta that’s something strange, on mobile view it’s working just fine, see pic:

Pushed a fix. Check now.

@rmehta working thx!