Individual business making one-offs. What Workflow?

Hello there,

I’m new to erpnext and ERP software in gneral. I’ve been playing around with erpnext for a while but I want to make sure I’m using the right tools.

I want to keep track of my manufacturing business. I’m self employed in the jewellery industry, and 90% of my jobs are made on commision and unique pieces. I take care of several activities like bench work, 3D modeling, 3D printing etc and these come at different fixed and hourly rates. I also rely on external workers for thigs such as casting, setting and shipping.

My aim is to keep track of the balance, do accounting, invoicing and keep track of deadlines + working hours. I don’t really rely on much stock, since most of the raw materials are provided by clients.

What is the best workflow? I went through the Engineer to Order video a coulple times, but I’m struggling a little to follow the videos, mostly becuse of different naming conventions between the latest version and the one shown in videos. Are there any textual resources instead with screenshots & stuff?

For instance, one of my largest doubts is this: should my several activities (bench, cadding, printing) + the external ones (setting, casting) be added as Items? Like if cadding is 25€/h should that be added in the system as an Item at selling rate 25 and then multiplied by how many hours went into that?

I do reckon my question is quite vague and my perplexities broad, but I want to make sure I’m getting this straight early on in order to minimize any correction work further on.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Torels,

Balance? Stock Balance? Or Balance of Accounts from an accounting perspective.

Since stock is not such a big deal for you (but since you deal in precious metals, don’t you need to track of the materials that your clients give you? Don’t they expect accountability from you?), your best bet is to set up each deal from your client as a Project and charge your time and the sub contracting expenses to that. You really don’t need to setup separate items, you can setup a generic item as a non-stock item and use different expense accounts in the purchase invoice to charge it to appropriate accounts you want it to hit in your books of accounts. But there is no downside to setting up separate items either.

Once you invoice the job, you can get Project level P&L fairly easily on ERPNext.

Hope this helps.