Ingenico and verifone intergration for POS

Hello guys i am wondering of anyone the community has done an integration for ingenico or veriphone devices.

I had made a thread mentioning how important it is to have a tighter harware integration with the POS. You can see it here:

How far did you get on the research?
this looks promising GitHub - akretion/pypostelium: Python Libraries for Point Of Sale Telium payment terminal

Not very far at all.

Also I was thinking the reality is that it seems ingenico/verifone do not openly share their SDKs? I did find a company called Miura that seems to very popular and more open.

Even square offers it:

Maybe this is a better longer term solution? I’ve seen a lot of merchant banks offering them.


I am new to ERPNext and evaluating if this is a feasible solution for my retail business. I am very impressed with the latest version and all the features that it has out of the box. Kudos to the developers and the community.

One of the key features that I am looking for is the ingenico integration. My current POS has this functionality and am looking to see if this is at all doable within ERPNext.

From what I gathered from my payment processor, there is a java applet available to interact with the ingenico pinpad.

I don’t have much programming knowledge and wanted to know if anyone has successfully completed this or have an idea how to get this done.

Any help is appreciated.