Inheriting erpnext CSS into microtemplate

I am trying to inherit the standard CSS into my template and am working the best way to do this.
@Randy_Lowery, I know you’ve done some really great work with CSS and themes, have you got any ideas? I’m even sure where to start.

Can you share what have you done so far ?

Well, I don’t even know where to start! There are dozens of .css files floating around ERPNext. The solution that the MN Technique team had recommended to me is to put a style block at the bottom of the HTML template (like this).
I guess I’m looking for a recommended path for creating ERPNext-style forms in a custom app. And maybe a brief overview of the CSS approach in ERPNext?
Thanks @makarand_b

that will also work but if you have large set of css classes and properties to inherit then custom app will be easy to manage.

just create the css file in your custom app and include it in app using app_include_css hook.

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hi @tmatteson you can find all css files used under /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites/assets/css and as @makarand_b post said you can include your custom css file under public directory and adding the css file name in the of your app


Hi @Randy_Lowery @makarand_b

I’d like to understand what the default CSS for the regular docfield text input is (rounded corners, et al).
If you could point me to the right file, I’d really appreciate it. CSS is not my strength and I find it very hard to read, not knowing the DOM particularly well.

don’t forget to add assets to build.json and run bench build