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One of the major goals of the ERPNext Foundation is to encourage more community contributions to the core code of ERPNext. I think to use bounties for that may be one tool ato achieve that and I think we need to explore this as a tool of crowdfunding coding projects, driven by groups of people sharing a certain itch they want to scratch.

They is mentioned by @rmehta in the linked topic

“we are planning to setup a bounty system on

  • I would be interested to know more about the status of this initiative.

  • Furthermore I was wondering whether such a platform needs to have better functionality then bountysource for even putting efforts on starting such a project? I mean bountysource is there and can be utilized. Would the benefits of having an ERPNext-centric platform outplay the efforts that have to be put into this? (that’s actually a real question I ask myself and not an opinion formulated as a question)

  • Till such a platform may be finalized and tested (and that’s my personal opinion, ready to be disputed) I think we ideally should not disrupt running campaigns. A campaign foremost requires momentum and persistence to have a chance of being successful and therefore ideally should not be questioned on a platform level.

I think it is worth an experiment. Bountysource is not very visible. With a permanent place on, I think it will be a lot more visible.

I agree that it’s a nice idea. Just was thinking whether we establish a good procedure utilizing bountysource we can get the same visibility without the hassle to having to invent the wheel again.

There may be other arguments pro running a Foundation hosted/controlled bounty system like costs (I think 10% of each contribution on bountysource are list in operational costs)

Thinking of this while writing … if I had to cast a vote right now I’d probably prefer to work out a good how-to in regards to bountysource and establish usage of bountysource as a platform for the time being. If there are any issued with that the Foundation can pick up on this at any later point in time if needed.

@vrms, actually @netchampfaris has already built this solution. We will be testing and deploying it next week. Its was quite easy to set this up as we already had the payment gateways setup for accepting memberships and conference tickets.

Yes 10% is also a great incentive (thanks for reminding). Also the money usually just sits with bountysource unless its actually used (might as well let it stay with the foundation!)

Bountry source UX is pretty messed up. Here is are the list of open bounties n ERPNext. Bountysource

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sounds interesting, looking forward to see something. Will it (similar to bountysource) be possible for anybody solving a problem to grab funds from it, or is it designed to be restricted to a certain group of developers (like foundation members)?

I think it should be open to everyone to provide their solution in the form of links to pull requests.

People who contributed to the bounty (who have skin in in the game) should then be able to vote on which of the offerings they like the most. I’d even consider weighting the votes in the proportion of contributions.

The bounty, votes racked up and pull request submissions should be available for all to see.

The important thing is to get it going and see if it picks up steam. Features can then be added organically.

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