Initiative for ERPNext and NextCloud Integration - Its Not backup Solution Alone

Friends, A very good integration solution ( not backup only) between ERPNext and NextCloud is being attempted actively by the PIBICO team at GitHub - pibico/pibiDAV: pibiDAV is a Frappe APP to Integrate Frappe and Frappe Apps with NextCloud (possibly Owncloud also but not tested) , We use both ERPNext and Nextcloud with NC Windows Client for two years and have some suggestions so they are quickly incorporating. Hence we should support this initiative with feature suggestions and help in quality testing. We also have a good list to make this integration better and usable by most ERPNext users. It will be great to use a world-class DMS with Worldclass ERP and help our clients @rmehta, @mohitchechani , @Dale_Scott , @paco_ad, @ankush

Thanks @CA_B.C_Chechani for your words on our App. We should somehow make a roadmap for getting a complete list of features to include for this integration.

Actually now we are integrating the code through hooks and custom fields where Frappe/ERPNext Core Doctypes are going to be integrated. But this requires for each core doctype to copy the custom fields and custom scripts (always the same except the Core DocTypre referred). It should be a better option to include this integration to the main Core through for example having on the side menu (where actually are share with, tags and attachments) an area for this nextcloud integration. What do the Frappe Team think about? and how can this be achieved without core code intrusion? Is there any way to hook this NC Integration on the sidewall menu?

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