Inputbox Popup set values

How can i popup a input box and set the values to another fields?

This is a very vague query. Please share some more details, which form? what data? what fields?

It’s a custom Model

  • List item
    Model name: financeiro
    DocType: titulos
    Field: ‘data_vencimento’(date) and comentario(reason textbox)

I will add a button “Change Date” to do that, when clicked will show popup with two fields: Date and Reason. The date will subscribe the previous date, and the reason will fill the textbox

it’s like you have a read only two fields …
and you want to make a button to change there values ?
so when you click this button a pop up show contains two fields you fill them press ok , the read only fields will be updated ?
the question why to make them non editable fields ? rather than make the user directly change it ? and write a reason ?
if you want to do that u need to write some code in the and titulos.js files for " titulos" doctype to make this happen ,
i think this might help you out :

Thank you for reply, i’ll see that.

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