Inquiries about TimeSheet

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Case Scenario:
My Business is man-power supply, and a Customer requires 100 workers,
each of them works for 100 Hours (8 Hrs a Day),
Is there a better way to fill out the TimeSheets?
Also, How to calculate Over-Time?

The terms of quantity of workers, and prices for the workers and the hourly rates are set in the Sales Order.
Is there a way to “Convert” those terms into the Item Table?

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You can set employee wise rates per hour for each activity and use them for billing per hour through time sheet in sales invoice.

Same way overtime can be an activity with different per hour rate per employee.

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Can you give me anything helpful on

P.S: Each Customer has a different price arrangements, the prices usually differ from the default Billing rate in the activity cost.
Therefore, Is there a way (or a code) to integrate the agreed upon prices in the Sales Order into the TimeSheet or Activity Cost?

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Ok got your point, for sales invoice you want the rate and item to come from the sales order and quantity of that item should come based on time sheet hours …Is that correct ?

If so that would required code customization.

And the right place for customization , according to me should be in sales invoice, rather than activity .

If your rates are fix , i.e. fix rate for the same item/ service ,then you can do it without customization as below

Worker Rate 25/hr.
Skilled Worker Rate 30/hr.
Premium Skilled Worker Rate 40/hr.

in the sales order select
Premium Worker for Premium Customer and
Worker for ordinary customer.

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Thank you for your reply.
Assuming I want to customize using code, Could you tell me what code to use and where exactly to Implement?

Also, I would like to ask again:
Is there a Quick way to fill the TimeSheet for a month of work?