INR symbol isn't available on print format


This is the problem im facing. Can someone please help me with this, and also im using the latest version of epnext and frappe. But whereas in the pdf i can get the INR symbol though my print format takes two pages in pdf so i need to print directly so that it doesnt take 2 pages for an invoice.
And also i need help regarding pdf header size decreament.
Thank you

This seems to be working fine in the test account.

Please check and confirm if the currency symbol is correctly defined.

Regarding pdf header, if you are using Letter head you can adjust it accordingly. Refer to the link below


Try this.
should work for both print preview and pdf.

<i class="fa fa-inr"></i>


i need my print preview to be like this symbol and i cant paste the code everywhere in the table

as you can see in the image , i am still getting it. and in pdf i can get inr symbol whereas i cant get it in print preview and also in print

No solution yet?