Insert column on item for custom description


Is there any way I can add a textfield column (preferable HTML field) for the item added on the “sales invoice” form ?
This field is not required but must be accessible for edit on all the forms where we can add an item (Ex. “Sales invoice”, “oportunity”, etc)

By the way I already read this links :wink:


Thanks in advance

You customize the doctype of the table (e.g sales invoice item) and then mark the in list view check box for it to show

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Thanks James, but my question is more about adding a new custom field on the item doctype and this field can be edited on other views like “sales invoice”…
Desired example :

Yea, its not hard. Got to Setup > Customize > Customize Form and then pick sales invoice item from the list at the top.

Scroll down to the listing of fields and click the down arrow for item

to open it up. Click insert below to add a row below the item field in the table. Give the field a name, data type and then click in list view.

Click out of the dialog and then click update. I typically do a reload aftwards before I go to the form to see if my changes worked.

This field will only be for sales invoice item. You would need to add similar field for other forms if needed.