Insert line under total ERPNEXT

Hi everybody,
I’m french guy’s and sorry if my language is bad.
I would like to insert a line “under total” to quotation and bill (fact) for TVA 5,5%, 10% …
I don’t find element or html code for this
Thanks for your feedback


This should be possible with the Print Format Builder feature in ERPnext. Please check the following help links to learn how to add custom fields in ERPNext, and how to add that field in the Print Format using Print Format Builder. Add required field before or after the sales taxes and charges section to get desired result.

Custom Field: - YouTube

Print Format Builder: - YouTube

thanks for your feedback
I will test today

Thank you but I can not do it like that.
I try if possible to insert lines as in the image
Thank you for your help

Hi Olivier,

In order to use different tax rates for different items, you can check the following documentation:

By default, the tax will be displayed below the total even if applied only on one (or some) item:

But if the solution that Umair pointed above is not working for you, you can achieve to reproduce the above layout with a custom print format. You would need to separate your tables in sub-tables for each tax rate.

Hi chdecultot,
This is my print format

To taxes it’s ok but for my Accountant,
I need to show the total net amount per ht (5,5%, 10% …)

For example to this print,

Total net 5,5%
Total net 10%
Total net 20%
Tva 5,5%
Tva 10%
Tva 20%
Total général
I can not do it :expressionless:

If you have a html code or other :slight_smile:

Thanks so lot

Hi Olivier,

Unfortunately I don’t have any code ready for this use case.

I don’t think this is possible out-of-the-box since the net total is not split upfront and I don’t see how we could do it in HTML directly.

You could maybe create three custom fields in the invoice (one for each french tax code), calculate the total net amount in these fields with a custom script and then use these fields to display the split net total on the invoice.

Using custom fields and scripts would avoid modifying the core solution but if you find a better solution, let us know!

Thanks, that’s exactly what I thought but I do not handle html scripts very well
I will do tests to get there
thanks again