Inserting project menu within the purchase order

Hi everyone,

We are new to ERPNext and would like to customise the purchase order form.
We need the project linked to an item to be displayed on the grid (see below).

We have spent a lot of time on finding how to do so within the customisation forms with no sucess.
Could someone help us?

Thank you.

Expand the table by clicking on the small arrow in the right corner. When you scroll down, you’ll see a field where you can add the project.

Thank you for this answer Kenneth.
Perhaps I was not clear. We know how to add the project within the expanded item menu.
We just would like to see the selected project on the grid on the front page of the purchase order. Plus, we need it to be even displayed on the printed page.

Am I clear, this time?

In that case, refer to the following manual page:

You will also need to customize your print format accordingly.

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To show in front page, just go customize form and expand the field, then select in list view. You need to make sure that it didn’t exit the total number of column capacity.